Build A Brand.

Land Gigs.

Stand out.

Based on the TEDx Talk "There Is No Luck. Only Good Marketing.", the ultimate guide to self-marketing and personal branding.


Why do some people just always seem to be at the right time at the right place? Their secret: unique luck, the ability to attract opportunities with their personal brand!

You already have a brand, you just don't take control of it! Learn tried and tested marketing techniques to create your own brand that is remembered for all the right reasons!

Real-world examples and exercises that help you learn about the captivating world of marketing and what it means for you, your clients, dates, and relationships.

Take Control Over Your Image




Franz is a growth marketer, entrepreneur, and public speaker who's TEDx Talk "There is no Luck. Only Good Marketing." has moved more than +250k viewers around the world. He is currently based in London, where he was awarded Top 25 under 25 in the London Tech scene for this work with his ed-tech startup, Tick. Done.

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